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24 February 2005

research: b.c./a.d. vs. c.e./b.c.e.

Update: 03.16.2005: 31 down, 69 to go! 94 down, 6 ta' go! Bloggers rock! Oh and Andy, damnit, I think it's a penguin tale response you win... or something! Of course, if you did what Becky, at April Fool did by pimping out her blog in the name of research, and the responses she garnered from her crew of readers--we could negotiate!

Thank you to everyone who has responded to date! The diversity and honesty of your opinions is greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the first academic edition of the series, "Keep My Ass Rockin’ This Class!"

I’m currently conducting a random sampling of the street population; literally from the local street corner, to the blogosphere, and from anyone victim willing to surrender a few, anonymous answers—all in the name of academia…

Participants will receive my gratitude by way of one big mahalo, muchas gracias, grazie, etc. Oh, and the kicker, you’ll have one less bitchy post in the blogosphere if I can track down one hundred participants!

Those who wish to participate can email me directly, or simply leave a response in the comment section. I will occasionally bump this post back up to the top, until I reach the necessary number for sampling! Do tell all of your friends, your families, and your comrades in click whoring to get me 100 legit responses, and I promise, I’ll be a good girl for the rest of the semester (Ok, I’ll try!)

There is no need to rewrite the question—just use the corresponding number and include your response. There is no right or wrong answer—be honest! Question Number 4 is optional—if you prefer not to answer, please leave blank or enter no disclosure.

Please be sure to let me know who sent you in #6!

1. How do you define the terms B.C and/or A.D.?

2. How do you define the terms C.E. and/or B.C.E.?

3. Which term do you prefer to use?

4. What is your religious affiliation?

5. Do you feel these terms do or do not have religious meaning?

6. Additional Comments:

[Email Your Response]

If you’re looking for the series, “back to school,” week 7 is here!



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23 February 2005

back to school: week 7

Welcome to number seven in the series, "Get My Ass Outta’ This Class!"

Read this with the theme to Jaws washing through the back of your minds—duhduh, duh-duh, duhduh-duhduh-duhduh…

Just when you think it is safe to go back in the water (or start to) a huge tsunami of a wave, followed by a clamping of enormous jaws come sinking down into your fool head… Oh yes, it’s all bitchitude this week!

Bitchitude: WTF? The FreakofaShrink Psych Professor has lost her bloody marbles! When a professor says “we aren’t going to focus on such and such, so I’m not going to address it, because it won’t be on an exam…” Don’t you think you are free to think it’s unnecessary to study those areas?

Me too! But the wiseass side of my butt knew better, and I’m thankful I knew the answers, regardless--to not only the one question, but four addressing said area, that she insisted would not be included! I’m thinking I did great on this exam (previous knowledge application—ya know ;) but she probably screwed a majority of the class out of a better grade with those questions! We’ll see on Thursday!

To top it off, she promised/guaranteed us a selection of essay questions from which to glean extra credit on a point, per point made in addressing the answer basis, and claims she changed her mind at the last minute, and we can use it for a take home assignment tomorrow—WTF, again, I say!!!

Speaking of extra credit—her semester idea of those EC points come in the form of reading a 286 page book, only to write a single page reaction. Ummm, how bout a pamphlet regarding the matter, and hell I’d write two pages in reaction??? I’ve yet between work and school to finish over 1200 pages in various formats at the moment, the last thing I needed was to spend time on an additional 286 for a few measly points, to write a single page—sheesh!

At least I don’t feel like it’s something personal this time—she has chilled out and even been a touch cordial lately (I said a touch—I got a hello and an almost identifiable smile, elsewhere on campus last week)

Anyways, if that didn’t make your ears bleed, I think it’s just flat-the-fuck wrong, and the equivalent to a setup for failure, (note: not necessarily for me, but for a majority of the class, from all appearances. Hopefully, she is kind enough to return our scores tomorrow, and we’ll all have a better idea… but for now, I can only wonder wtf makes her tick and try to stay a step ahead of her bullshit antics.

Aloha (for now!)

Update: (Un)expected 02/24 inclusion: She, yes, she--now knows that the so not stereotypical slacker in the back row created the high mark on Exam #1's bell curve today, and she even included a "Wow" with the grade... of course, nobody appreciated the meager 20 minutes to answer 5 essay questions today (nope, she got us again--no take home EC!) but at least I feel better knowing it's just not me...whew!

I'm so ungrateful, I know--but I''m still not enjoying this class as much as I could be...phbbbbt anyways ;)


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20 February 2005

back to school: week 6

Welcome to number six in the series, "Get My Ass Outta’ This Class!"

It’s a cruel, cruel world! Aside from having to begin preparations on two research papers (Hawai`ian Studies and English), while spending most of my Friday through Monday weekend, basking in the glory of Epicurus and his views on mental and physical pains and pleasures.

Honestly, I’m debating the best verbiage of how to describe him as the “orgy-attending, fuck ‘em and forget ‘em” type, while remaining scholarly in tone… ahhhh, why can’t I just call it like I see’s it! Don’t misunderstand my statement, Epicurus is hugely misinterpreted and today’s ‘Epicureans’ are the complete opposite of the intention of the original philosophy. I won’t bore you with the reflective detail, but I will do this:

Bitchitude: …in the early pages of this paper, I suddenly realized that one entire page is based off a previous reading of Epictetus, and so totally did not apply. I spent 2 hours hunting down a specific passage in the WRONG texts… Can you say REWRITE? Very good! (I think this is where the ‘tired’ part kicked in!). So I am now on my third, finally nearing completion draft, of my critique of Epicurus without that OTHER philosopher’s influence.

To keep the literary aspect stirred up, I ended up with a descriptive essay rivaling the best romance novels out there, yet it is totally innocent, and so not Harlequin! Upon completion, I have decided that we just refer to this traumatic experience as “Pineapple Prose-ac.” I swear the next time I am burdened with a descriptive; I vow a concerted effort to becoming righteously drunk before any future attempts! Serious.

On the mentoring side, I’m not quite comfortable with the situation—the meetings fall on the one evening when I have scheduled classes. I don’t have a problem with opting for a short early escape, but aside from myself, at least several others have the same conflicting schedule to attend to, and we are all debating what affect this would have on a prepubescent child not having their mentor there with them at these things—the consensus isn’t positive.

For example, I am scheduled to ‘pick’ my mentee early this week, and later in the week, we have a dinner to attend WITH them, and once again, I am in class. I only have 2 full days of class in a week, so this is a rough one. It may have to wait until next year.

Marjo recently askedwhere one goes for Vacation/Spring Break, when you live in Hawai`i?

I only recently discovered the answer to this very same question: The other islands. Specifically, Maui for the traditional college crowd!

For us ‘not quite as young’ folks, I think Spring Break means an entire week of rest and relaxation on our own beaches. We have our favorite ‘off the beaten path’ hideaways and since we haven’t been to the beach in 3 months (school, work and a late summer brawl with a Portuguese Man O’War have prevented my normal 2-3x weekly routine), I intend to haul my drink, my shades, and my *hunny to my favorite coconut palm and admire it from below for the entirety of our glorious 10 days off, with some snorkeling in between! *Not necessarily in that order!

Now, I don’t want anyone to think that I am suffering from lacka’ beach time, in recent months, this is the view from our window.

Bitchitude: There just happens to be no accessible beach off this point we live on and just happens to be placed next to an elitist yacht club mooring it up down, right there--a little to the right...

Overall, I’m enjoying my classes, and adjusting to this new, yet strange schedule. Of course, by the time I have a new piece of paper in hand, some-odd years down the road, I’ll have the tired factor conquered ;)



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18 February 2005

shameless plugz: 02.18.2005

In lieu of the late installment of “back to school,” I am proffering these oh so shameless plugz, or Andy’s now, plagiarized blog marketing term of “Virtual Mutual Masturbation” to tide you over in the meantime…

Have you ever felt that twinge of discomfort, the angst of potentially nearing the loss of your job, and not sure why? Have you ever identified yourself as a victim of workplace bullying?

D. Brook’s latest blog entry shares some great information on how you too, can spot a workplace bully. Show your support for the upcoming legislation, while protecting your future, your families, and your jobs!
…They have successfully practiced their craft over many years and have learned over time that getting busted for discrimination would bring a sudden halt to their activities. Since the basic underlying reason for their bullying is a need for power and control, the workplace is a perfect place to ply their trade. [ bullying in the workplace]
“War on Terror Deserves Our Support, No Matter What,” according to Marjo Moore at News & Views From Philadelphia.

I had to do a doubletake when I noticed that Becky had added a new twist to the blogosphere, as she reverse-mastered the art of comment whoring over at April Fool.

You know when Sigmund, Carl and Alfred submit to the vanity of the blogosphere, with only an Occasional Bitch, something’s rawkin’ in Priss’s House of Crap. Check out her skin(s), and her win-win deals!

And last, but certainly not least, we have two, count ‘em—two (1…2…) delightful women to add to the “Shameless” rotation: Kim, Who Wasn’t Always Like This, and who is currently frolicking in the mist of Niagara Falls. And the darling Chilled of Boudica of Suburbia--yes that’s UK suburbia and she's serving up life, love, and lemons! Drop these two a shoutout, when you visit!

If you deem yourself worthy, or hell, even unworthy and have something kickass to share with my wonderfully loyal 13 readers, feel free to say HEY YOU, WTF! And I’ll update to include you…be sure to leave your attention-grabbing line of “get yer’ bootay over here and read me” with it! (Ok, really substitute that with your own version!)

And for those who have noticed my now utterly shameless and pretentious lie about getting my blogroll up to date and even displayed—you now realize that I haven’t had time, I really haven’t… so I won’t make any further empty promises, or give you any additional deceitful bullshit—it won’t be in this week either!

However! I will be entering this week’s back to school installment sometime this weekend and you won’t be able to do anything less than take pity on my dawg-tired soul!

Have a most bitchtastic weekend!


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11 February 2005

bitch and bull: 02.11.2005

It’s that time of year already… yeah, that one, the one that includes the figurative shadow of the big, bad, money-grubbing taxman. I’m not sure why it bothers me… I did get a decent refund.

Never mind the fact I forgot about a 401k I had to dip into this time last year, and never mind the fact my college got my loan checks in December and sent me a 1098, dated 12/31/2004. I daresay I certainly didn’t receive it in 2004, but this all equates to something bad… I now have to amend my federal return, and hopefully not OWE anymore, and file my state taxes.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be bothered, but the preliminary run shows I owe them… get this; TWO DOLLARS…

Bitchitude: WTF! 2 fucking bucks! I know they don’t send you a refund for any less than $10.00 unless you specifically ASK (read as: beg) for it, so wtf is this crap with me having to send them a check for two measly dollars!!! I don’t understand—but then again, I am confident they will in fact beg ME for it, over and over, and over again, until I give it up. I bet I could run them over that amount in postage alone, during the begging process! lmao.

So much lipservice to concern about government waste and paper reduction—my ass! Just on principle, I’d love the opportunity to see how extreme they get over two dollars… I’m still taxi’ing it (yep, that’s getting old – the cabbie rawks though!) So the only license they could even consider revoking would be the one for my bike that cost… ahem cough… fifteen fucking dollars! Yes, in the state of Hawai`i, you too would need to shell out 15 crumpled green clams, just to be able to walk out of the store with a brand new bike!

What’s more ridiculous? Having to put this 2x3 inch sticker somewhere on the bloody bike! WTF! The only place it’s suitable for, is the seat. Can you picture it? Yes, Mr. Officer, just look UNDER my ass, you can’t miss it. I swear I wasn’t doing 70 in a 25!

Needless to say, I don’t know where to stick it, (no pun intended!) so it’s still in the envelope—yeah, they give you a “temporary” just like a car. Uh-huh, dead serious, before the tab for the bike arrives you have to ride your bicycle (uh-huh innocent mountain bike) carting a pink piece of paper, too! I’ll be WTF-land on that one for some time!

What do Bill Cosby, A Harvard University President, and a War betwixt Working Women have in common? Well… if anyone can pull off a coherent and articulate article on celebrity and ivy league controversy, with just a hint of womanly strife; it has to be Marjo Moore tying these seemingly unrelated issues together at News and Views From Philadelphia. She’s already inspired D. Brooks to rub his two cents together into a thought provoking perspective on ethical dilemmas.

Off topic shameless, shameless plugs or to borrow Andy’s now, plagiarized blog marketing term of “Virtual Mutual Masturbation:”

Mai has “148 freakin’ Gmail invites!” She also has a proposition for you at: Mai Made This. Another creative twist on win-win situations!

Bud Buckley has a thing or two to say about trolling for nuggets and gems (yes, pun intended) at Confessions of a Singer/Songwriter. Send a little inspiration his way!

I had a mental list in my head of the rest of my reciprocal linkage this week (and the long overdue ones), and it was long, but I can’t remember it—I’m so sorry! Don’t hate me because I’m tired! Anyhow, feel free to say HEY YOU, WTF! And I’ll update to include you…be sure to leave your attention-grabbing line of “get yer’ bootay over here and read me” with it! (Ok, really substitute that with your own version!)

In the next installment shameless plugz, or bitch and bull, we'll be featuring Becky, Priss, and Chilled—the line forms here: X

I’m still putting my blogroll together—patience :) I’ll have it in and additional links in this weekend (fo’ shore) with my other secret, shameful, and sinful reads in place, when time avails itself!

Oh hell, almost forgot! George W. Bush is sending out a pill-shaped greeting this Valentine's Day, and Hallmark is running for cover.

Happy, let someone know you care if you haven’t lately, or offer up a smoochy, kissy, loveydovey, VDay treat, and if that doesn’t suit your fancy, just have a bloody fine Valentine’s Day and great weekend, too!


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09 February 2005

back to school: week 5

Welcome to number five in the series, "Get My Ass Outta This Class!"

Is it safe to peek out of the void that has consumed all my free time, yet? Actually, I spent last weekend eyeball deep in books, papers, and a man who kept nudging my mountain of study material off the couch. It all works out, yes, really—I actually got to spend 1+ day this week out of the bookzone!

Bitchitude: Of course, I had to work, but I actually found time to pee without the motion of the pee-pee dance driving me to the ladies room! If I die of bladder issues from holding it so long while working way too much—I need to know whom I need to file suit on! Frivolous or not! Ka-ching!

In literary news, I was offered the opportunity to mentor the younger, more impressionable generation. Incidentally the payout comes with a free pass out of the final exam! High school and intermediate students here are not prepared for college. If you happen to know anything t’all about Hawai`i schools, they are pretty poor for educational rank—kids are coming straight out of high school and into college at extremely low remedial levels.

It’s now my job to propel at least one youth of tomorrow skyward into the realm of college level aspiration. While, I’m looking forward to it, I think they should be afraid… very afraid!

And on to the interactive question of the week (nobody answered my plea about bad eating habits when returning to school, last week!) so I expect you, my faithful bloggerites, from out yonder in the blogosphere to help me make a decision this weekend…

I have a research paper coming due (well not yet, but I need to turn my topic and sources in next week) and I’ve no idea what I want to do it on. This is for Hawai`ian studies… SO! If you’d like to offer me topic suggestions on what you’d like to hear more about on the topic of Hawai`i, here’s your chance!

I have but one stipulation; I like the unique, and I don’t like researching the common. Volcanoes and Pele, and Surfing have been overdone to the hilt (hey, you can get credit here for surfing related courses—too cool!) Ok, back on track… What would you like to read more about regarding Hawai`i, that you can’t get off a Waikiki hotel website?

As it stands this very moment, I’m leaning towards architecture and medicinal herbs/plants. I love the mix of styles that create the buildings here—they are simply unique!
Though this may seem like an add-on from a missing edition of “shameless plugz” take heed! It is definitely education-related! If you’ve yet to come across Grins’ blog, “Grins N Laughter” let me say you are missing out on some of the best nearly clean fun you’ve ever had! I have to let you in on a secret though; she recently had an entire post on WTF, and said it, too! She’s at least a laugh n’ a half per sentence! Let her know I twisted your arm and two toes to get you over there! Her most recent entry is full of quips about “overheard conversations” at college. It’s definitely a must read!

[This space reserved for any oddities that occur on the last class of the week, should events and sanity prevail after the original posting.]

Update: 02.11.2005 - No oddities to share unless you consider the freak shrink professor allowed me to cohesively answer not one, but 4 whole questions, today! I should be happy, but I still just want to kick her in the shin ;)

And... I have to announce a week full of aces and crosshairs, not once, but thrice! These are the moments age truly is of benefit, and gloating is acceptable...

On that note…



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04 February 2005

bitch and bull: 02.04.2005

The new template is here! The new template is here! I think I’m dubbing it “da’ lime and de’ coconut…” What say you? :) I just love it, love it, and love it! And yes, to the blogosphere, it’s so totally me! I do that (look up there, yes that) at the beach and at home! Always a trail of something in my wake… haha

Riika of Silver Logic sloughed through the muck of blogger templatedom and produced this way too cute template! As I mentioned before—this girl has a wonderful eye for concept! THANK YOU RIIKA!

I’ll have my blogroll or additional links in this weekend for my other secret reads when time avails itself!

The fourth installment of back to school can be found here. It includes the latest haps with the freak shrink professor…

I’d also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all who have left comments and shared your own issues and best wishes with me in the ‘back to school’ entries. It’s very appreciated and I wish all the best in your endeavors to you, as well!

In political news, I was most inspired this morning, as I read Marjo Moore’s political outlook for 2008, at News and Views From Philadelphia.

Of course, if politics aren’t your thang, there’s always a tool for the man who has everything, you just have to ask the right questions about the economic correctness.

Off topic shameless, shameless plug: Andy wants a new template. In trade for a new template, he too will provide top billing, gratitude, and lord knows what else, in priceless ways; did I mention he’s also a comedian? He’s the most bestest pimp in the blogosphere, and he can write, too! You’ll all have to stop by and check out his articles, while you’re dawdling about his blog! You can catch those in his menu of “Best Magazines, Ever!” on the right side! Won’t somebody puhhhhlease donate a new, kickass template for Tales From Andy Land? And Andy, don’t worry… your template doesn’t affect your posts—it’s just the application that displays them!

In other news, my hunny got me a new digital camera this past week. In ten years of being in the techie world, I have never owned my very own! I always wanted the bigger, the better, and the zoom… it took getting out of IT for the most part to accomplish the task. Ahhhh, but I won’t make you all suffer with the aqua clear views of the water, the coral sand beaches, not just yet, nope, I’ll have to put up a photoblog—I’ll let you know…

GMail accounts: One GigaByte of email heaven - yours for the asking - leave your name, your number, and a short message, I'll get back to you with one!

Have a great weekend!


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03 February 2005

back to school: week 4

Welcome to number four in the series, "Get My Ass Outta This Class!"

I would never have believed it, had I not experienced it with my entire self; ears and eyes included! She (freak shrink professor) showed her colors earlier this week; she lowered herself both personally AND more importantly professionally. It appears that not only does she truly appreciate a clean slate from which to mold young minds; she verbally chastised the entire back row(s) for sitting in said back row(s)!

Not only did I find her public display appalling, but I was fuming, and in a fit of “fuck you, lady” in the back of my head. I politely told her I was comfortable where I was. She implied that anyone in the back of the room was ill prepared to be there and not paying attention. Ordinarily, I might agree with her, but there’s not an individual there who fits that stereotype—it’s simply a large class! I finally gestured a smirk and a half-ass smile and turned my face back into my notes—notes I take home and rewrite a second time! Slackers, anyways…

I stewed for the whole session; luckily it was all refresher information for me, so I wasn’t concerned. I had earlier tried to answer a question, to which she readily accepted the first half and looking directly at me, proceeding to talk over me through the second half, and very rudely at that. (The latter part of the answer was necessary to quantify the first half!)

I waited in line after class, not having any idea of what I was going to say to her until I approached the desk… so I went the ‘sugary bitch’ route with the biggest, sweetest smile on my face, and in my voice…
Ms. Freak Shrink, I thought I should inform you of the following--I do in fact come to class very well prepared. You see Ms. Freak Shrink, those two big air conditioners that blast cool air for the comfort of your minions up there? Well, if I were to sit anywhere else, my contact lenses would petrify in my eyeballs, and really, well that would just suck and I wouldn’t be able to see the board, anyways. Did you notice me fluttering my eyes—it’s not just to be cute… that is what happens when the air blasts the moisture right out of them. (Insert precious smile here).
Yes, I actually used the term, "petrify in my eyeballs…" what else could she do but accept it… today she actually stayed offa’ my ass. I didn’t test her since she deemed those of who showed up extra points for our presence alone. She also had the opportunity to walk directly into another girl and I, as I was sharing my first copy of notes with her from a day she missed last week. I could spare that set; I had another at home! Yes, Ms. Freak Shrink, I really am a good student, whether I sit in the back rows or not! Hrrmph!

I can only hope it sticks now, because she has taken the enjoyment out of this class for me, and that’s just wrong!

On a totally different topic, let’s talk about poor eating habits! During these past weeks, I have not cooked anything that didn’t come out of a plastic container, bag, vending machine, cardboard box, and wasn’t handed out of a drive-thru window! Am I glowing? I choked on “Sour Skittles” yesterday… Do we all revert to childhood/teenage freedom like that? I spoke with another 30sumthin’ student, and while we were talking, she succinctly stated that she was going to be a few minutes late to a class we had together because she was going to finish her peanuts and that was the end of that; and she was, and she did!



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01 February 2005

thoughtless vday gifts

As promised... the fruit of your participation! You can pick up the published copy of the VDay Edition of GAFWM [at MBC...] Happy Valentine's Day!

A busted prophylactic and a flower, do not a Valentine, make. We all savor the elation that an unexpected (expected) token of affection brings us on this (overly-commercialized) day of love. Then there are those of us who dread Cupid and his arrow with our entire being!

“A few years back my boyfriend knocked me up (thanks to a busted prophylactic). I ended up getting a termination on Valentine's Day. He also thought that bringing me a flower (yes, one) would make me feel better. Derr.” --Anonymous

While Anonymous’ unfortunate Valentine is worse than thoughtless, it is not a typical representation; there are of course the gifts and the words that deflate our love-filled bubbles with a mere prick…

“One of my absolute worst (Valentines) was when my (now ex) boyfriend gave me a cactus; yes isn't that the weirdest thing you ever heard? He had this thing about not wanting to buy flowers, as they would just die within days and he thought that was a waste… Buying a typical house plant was a bad idea because I can't seem to keep anything alive.

So the cactus seemed cute and thoughtful UNTIL he came out and said, "So honey, now whenever you need a prick, you have one!" Stupidity should be painful.”

My personal angst, and an oft-heard complaint from women involves the household appliance (not the bedroom type!) Let’s get this straight from the get-go and repeat after me, “Household appliances are not, under any circumstance, to be considered or given as a gift on holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and especially not on Valentine’s Day!”

Whether we are corporate whores, housefrau’s, blue-collar, white-collar, or ring around the collar girls, we, do NOT want appliances on any other day, other than on the day they break down! There is no exception to this rule, unless you are a twisted bitch and LIKE appliances more than the average bitch!

When asked, most women lust for something sparkly. That does not translate to the blinding glimmer off the stainless steel blender in the glare of the evening sun. What it does translate to is that it must be wearable, or drivable (and no, vacuum cleaners do not count – it must be resident in the driveway or dangling from our body!)

When asked about lingerie, it was surprising to find that most women don’t actually prefer lingerie on Valentine’s either – they prefer to wear it, while giving their nearest and dearest their Valentine spoils. The one exception to giving lingerie applies when it is given in ‘Pandora’s Box’ style, and is used as a cover to hide one of the smaller sparkly items. This method is warmly, and reciprocally appreciated.

Of course, there are those of us who have rarely or never received a gift at all. Remember your friends and family on this day – it’s not all about you or your mate; take the opportunity to let your single friends and family know that YOU care…

“I would not be one to complain about Valentine gifts. Everyone is just lucky to have a Valentine/Valentine's if they get one. I've always been single, and the closest I came to not being so, was when I was dumped two days before.” --Sparkle

Our hearts went out to Sparkle, and we wish her a fine Valentine, and many special one’s in the future!

Moving forward, we weren’t quite sure what to make of this – but for purposes of inclusion and her heart to participate, here ya go! If anyone has creative suggestions for how to make this gal’s VDay a little brighter, let us know!

“I don't get Valentine's anymore since I got married. Why? My husband's birthday is Valentine's day.” --Jazzy

Overall, I guess I’ve just been lucky to experience the elation of some special Valentine’s in my life, and though this day is far too commercialized, we should all take a moment to let our loved ones know what they mean to us –- no chocolate required!

On that note, I’m taking this opportunity to say to my nearest and dearest, "I Love You, Babe. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

"guest feature" - date of publication: 02.01.2005 - bfp media publication archive


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