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18 March 2005

back to school: week 10

Welcome to number ten in the series, "Get My Ass Outta’ This Class!"

DB and I are officially on Spring Break! Wooo Hooo! I will be looking skyward at these leaves for most of the next week, and when I’m not, we’ll be out snorkeling, lounging, and drinking it up (sorry, I don’t have a recent photo of my favorite sandy haunt, but will update with a photo next week :) Non-sandNsun plans include a collusion in 808 with Becky @ April Fool.

Updates: Last week’s “NO GRADE” on the anal paper rewrite has been updated to a strong ‘A’ with notations on strengths in all areas—honestly, I didn’t rewrite THAT much, so will be talking to My Philo Professor upon return from the break to sort out the WHY of the original “NO GRADE” to avoid another occurrence on the next paper. Il Professore (English) was appalled (read that as f’ing fried, appalled, righteously pissed off) at the Philo Prof’s 2 page, 8pt critique of my paper… I digress—at least I know *I’m* sane ;) And damnit, no, I didn’t go whining to him! He caught the dismayed voices before class, as a friend at school was reading through it with the same shock…neener, neener. (Can Grandmas still say neener, neener? Shit, cuz I don’t normally! lol)

Speaking of papers, what would Immanuel Kant say about Ted Bundy or Terry Schiavo’s case? (If anyone has a Schiavo link that IS NOT armchair commentary, please share—otherwise keep your bloggin’ links to thineselves ;)

Bitchitude: Sadly, I have been drawn into the socio-political arena on these cases for yet another grade. Is that fair, given that I have better things to expunge my breath on than the politico-based drama of the day. Ted Bundy was a calculating puke with subjective morals--he’s easy. The Schiavo case is so riddled with diarrheic propaganda, making it nearly impossible to form an educated opinion based on the mass of armchair commentary overwhelming the media, and puked up further by the blogosphere. I’d like to do the paper on Schiavo, but unless I can find some objective data, it seems pretty futile to even attempt a rational analysis… what say you?

I’d be very interested to see evidenced documentation for the basis of the March 18 determination—Is anyone able to get to the actual court records at this point?

I promised grade updates, didn’t I? Midterm GPA looking like a 3.5-3.67-ish por moi and might as well be a 4.0 for DB. He rawks—I know I might sound biased, but I also have to work with this man in an unbiased setting as well. So consider that a professional analysis of his crystallized wisdom—he just fucking rawks!

Regurgitated Research: I have to say THANK YOU again to EVERYONE who has dropped me research responses. I will have a massive edition of shameless plugz coming up next week, and being the true, the faithful, the loyal and adoring, considerate readers I have in each and every one of you, I know you’ll drop by and thank them profusely for getting this research crap offa my blogposting venue! lol :)

7 ta’ go!!! If you haven’t responded to my research survey, I impress upon you the importance of my education, my new future career, my reputation as the teacher’s techno-pet… what ARE you waiting for? :) 70 down, 30 to go! 94 down, 6 ta' go!

[ research: bc/ad vs. ce/bce]

Have a grrreat weekend, everyone!


scrawled by BTude a.k.a. GlassHoppah @ Friday, March 18, 2005

4 bitches:

@ 19 March, 2005 02:23, Blogger Bud eloquently stated...

Damn, I see what you mean on the Schiavo story. I tried various refined Google searches and I keep coming up with between 30 and 70 Thousand references. Shit, and they all look political and religious. I'll let you know if I turn anything up. Have you tried Smoking Gun? I can't seem to find my link to them. Enjoy your break!


Hey Bud, one word--EXACTLY! I have yet to find a link that isn't totally skewed or downright based on emotion and irrationality. Thanks for trying :)


@ 19 March, 2005 17:23, Blogger Wench eloquently stated...

hope your spring break truns out better than ours.


@ 20 March, 2005 09:33, Blogger Becky eloquently stated...

I will call you later today to figure out next weekend. I can type early in the a.m. but need to "wake up" some more:)

As for the others, no question Bundy was shithead who deserves to wipe Satan's ass for the rest of his afterlife. But, the other, I think the lesson to be learned is to make sure you have a Living Will that can cannot be contested by the courts. I would not want to be kept alive in that state. I think her relatives and whomever is fighting for it are probably not the ones that are at her bedside everyday, and basically have to suspend the rest of their lives to her. No one could understand what that's like until they've gone through it.


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