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02 March 2005

back to school: week 8

Welcome to number eight in the series, "Get My Ass Outta’ This Class!"

If you have not yet responded to my research survey (c’mon it’s homework!) click this [ research: b.c./a.d. vs. c.e./b.c.e. ] and follow the instructions there—thank you! 52 down, 48 to go! 94 down, 6 ta' go! Made it past the halfway hump (some pun intended!)

I did mention, that I’d leave this here until I got 100 responses, right? Right! I have shown you some mercy; I’m tormenting people in other places, as well! Thanks to DB, Becky, Andy, Marjo, and Andy twice for pimping my homework out! And as an up and coming blogwhore marketer, extraordinaire, thank you Priss for keeping me off Honolulu's street corners at House of Crap, while Bud Buckley appeals to the intellect in everyone, with my nondiscernable social problems! I’m sure I should shoot for tuition next! Thank you, thank you very much and many more thanks to all who have responded!

Bitchitude: Group or growl? Oh, I have been a patient girl (which I’m not ordinarily, but you know that lovely dull calm of cold indifference (you know the emotion you opt for instead of striking some dumb kunt—yeah, that’s the one!) I’m so glad I’m plum full of fucking character, right now, and so full of it I could spit…oops I guess I did…

I work great on a team, I can work on one or manage one, it makes nary a bit of difference. I loathe working in groups on projects that are dependent on someone else to make my grade though… I am a spoiled bitch, yes. Aside from that, I get stuck (I swear it’s a curse) with this one crazy old biddy bitch (no exaggeration) 2 out of the last 3 times—is there no God or Gods of some sort who can stop this?!? But anyways…

We (the 4 members in my group) spent x amount of time debating and establishing our answers, we’ve fine tuned, we’ve got it going on (note: this is Moral Philosophy) and regardless of the subjective nature of this class, we think we are done… old biddy bitch opts to bitch and moan the entire way through, because she’s a little low on lube, I think, anyways, she submits to agreement by mere force of majority rule. Biddy Bitch then offers to compile the answers (only one of us needed to put them to paper), and gets to the point she’s in such disagreement (even with the answers highlighted in black, white and yellow) that she turns to me and says, “I’m not listening to you anymore” and proceeds to continue writing. WTF?

Not being one to pass up the opportunity for someone in this class to stand up to her—I took it, and eloquently told her to get the fuck out of my group–nah, not really! I was polite (I have a witness who never heard a thing from the next group over)—I merely told her in a lovely monotone voice of indifference that there were other groups, and to scoot… (Honestly, my elbow was really aiming for her nose at this point). She started to gather her crap, but thought better of it.

As it turns out, she had also written down her own answers and totally ignored the group’s responses—of course in her warped reality, there was no other answer… we were then treated to a round of “I came home and caught my husband in bed with another woman, and I’m only in college for the cheap health insurance to pay for my $470 worth of medication.” WTF… I’ll let you all do with that bout of weirdness, as you will--my brain can’t handle anymore.

What’s worse, that or the phone call about your soon to be 11 year old getting suspended from school for downloading a bomb formula? Well, the school did let him off the hook, as well as the FBI under the condition he only talks to us about it—it was innocent, he’s a curious little intellect in the making (too much so), but now better understands why some curiosities are better left uninvestigated…sheesh. Whatta day—and that was only Tuesday!

Oh? You thought I was done? You should know better by now—certainly, you have to understand that I’ve had to suffer through my sweetheart’s woes as well, only to discover this… Some nerve I say—oh, do read those in order (‘woes to this’—NOT ‘this to woes’)!

Ok, so I’m in good spirits, regardless (still tired, but much improved!) Spring Break is just around the corner, and I won’t tout the current grade tally in light of jinxing it…but soon my darlings, soon! :)

However, I will let you know, that I have received yet a second “wow!!”<--(notice two exclamation marks on this one) from the FreakShrink Professor—the girl in the back row kicked ass. The other high-scoring slacker sits in the back row with me! We are two of the top 3 grades in the class… how’s that for rocking slackerdom? ;)

PS Instant replay: if you haven’t responded to my research survey, I impress upon you the importance of my education, my new future career, my reputation as the teacher’s techno-pet… what ARE you waiting for? :)

[ research: b.c./a.d. vs. c.e./b.c.e.]



scrawled by BTude a.k.a. GlassHoppah @ Wednesday, March 02, 2005

9 bitches:

@ 02 March, 2005 17:10, Blogger D Brooks eloquently stated...

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@ 03 March, 2005 04:11, Blogger Bud eloquently stated...

Okay, I blogrolled your photo site. I'll put up a homework assignment for you soon. I did answer your survey by e-mail. Hope you got that. The school might want to consider blocking the bomb word from their net. But then the kids might not find any movie reviews news from Iraq. Don't worry about your kid. Just keep him away from the fertilizer. Congrats on not punching out that old lady but I'm glad you tossed her ass out. Go slackers!


@ 03 March, 2005 04:46, Blogger Jade eloquently stated...

LOL my son would download bomb information, I can see it now...LOL
Good for the slackers! See, there is something to be said for us out there and you're saying it! ;-)
Way To Go!


@ 03 March, 2005 06:59, Blogger Andy Land eloquently stated...

You're welcome, and you're welcome again!


@ 03 March, 2005 08:53, Blogger Becky eloquently stated...

OMG. I would've killed Biddy Bitch if she tried to fuck with my grade. I absolutely hated group projects, mainly because most people were "low on lube." Frustrating couple of days. Hope you are able to have a relaxing weekend.


@ 03 March, 2005 15:00, Blogger marjo moore eloquently stated...

wow! take it easy and relax this weekend :)

you handled that jerk in your group nicely! people like that probably feed off misery. ya tell her off, yelling or something, gives her more to moan & gripe about.

i'm sorry about your son. i don't know all the details, but this village thingy we live in now makes growing up hard.

we had a case back east here. a kid dressed as a gorilla and ran across the roof of his high-school. federal agents were called, the place was evacuated...everybody flipped out. he was this national merit scholarship finalist letting off a little steam. he was foolish, but he didn't deserve to be arrested and humiliated publicly for something that probably would've been laughed about, had it happened 15 years ago.

you're the best, btude. i know it will all work out. glasshoppah rox, btw!


@ 04 March, 2005 03:27, Blogger Kim eloquently stated...

Ugh! and UGH! again. My daughter (12) was suspended for writing a note to her girlfriend in school the she hates her teacher and wished he would die. He had assigned a pop quiz and she wasn't prepared. The principal found it in the trash and suspended her for 10 days for "terrorism". I would have been banned from school for life had they ever found the shit I wrote when I was in school... We had a formal hearing in front of the superintendant, who dismissed the suspension and assigned her a punishment consisting of a written apology. The whole world has gone crazy.
As for the biddy, I find saying:
"I dismiss you"
in a really arrogant tone irritates most people beyond belief.


DB, that guy looks as if he's got plenty 'o advice--I don't think he could handle mine... (lol)

Bud-gotcha-dropped you an email!

Andy, WTF have you been? Don't let los federales get you down guy, come back to me!

I'm pretty good at gauging what it takes to shut someone up--oh if I had raised my voice or shown any fear, she would have certainly bared her teeth, and loudly at that. Oh, old biddy bitch was a no show last night. That was smooth.

I'm so happy there are other parents with curious little intellects about, too! I know some of us can remember when the football players would go streaking over the front courtyards of the highschool--they'd be sexual offenders of some sort by now, I'm sure! Sometimes life isn't as serious as society would like it to be!

Marjo, you're always such a doll! The gorilla thing is just crazy! I'm going to relax this weekend for sure (well, mostly!)

Kim, that's insane, absolutely insane! I think every child writes a I hate my teacher note at some point--it's part of growing up, not frikkin terrorism. I could so totally see an abrupt dismissal. lol Perhaps, next time. I'm saving that one in my head for backup now! PS Are you sure you don't want me to share the B-52 critter? ;)


@ 04 March, 2005 17:33, Blogger ZZ OpenWeb Staff eloquently stated...

Just stopped by to say hi, your site still rocks... thanks for sticking with the ZZ OpenRing... 88 blogs and growing, thanks to folks like you!

Cheers... (P.S. we love all the bitches here :)
ZZ staff / ZardozZ News & Satire PortalHave a Blog? Ring Surf it @ ZZ OpenRing


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