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01 March 2005

shameless plugz: 03.01.2005

Pimpin’ You, Pimpin’ Me… How does that sound for an update to shameless plugz? I can’t keep whoring away with
Andy’s “Virtual Mutual Masturbation” line, so I had to get creative and come up with one of my own… sheesh—he always gets the good stuff! Drop me your thoughts!

Updated: 03.15.2005. If you have not yet responded to my research survey (c’mon it’s homework!) click this [ research: b.c./a.d. vs. c.e./b.c.e. ] and follow the instructions there—thank you! 47 down, 53 to go! 94 down, 6 ta' go! Made it past the halfway hump (some pun intended!)

So down to the nature of the blog nurture--D. Brook’s
latest blog entry offers some fodder for thought on life. He includes a lovely, lovely list, so you can do quick flyby of the pages of your own life.

Becky has been keeping the neck twisting lately with some provocative photos, as if mastering comment-whoring weren’t enough, she’s now got butt crack, Maplethorpe butt floss and a little revelation on the mystery of tampons…

We can all thank Golfwidow over at Ministry of Silly Walks for the continuity of the theme in today’s shameless plugz with the inclusion of Pussylicking. ahhh, c’mon, I have kids, and am only a part-time pervertress! It’s pussylicking on a computer screen!

Ok, so like, if politico, 1st and 6th Amendments, books, and coathanger tax issues sound more appealing than buttcrack, tampons and pussylicking… step on over to Marjo’s at News and Views From Philadelphia.

Then there's always something for those of us with a serious twisted sense of what we find amusing--if you consider yourself to be uptight in the twaddle department--don't click below--ok? OK. BUT, If you find a little humour in something that could be contrived as negatory with a different kinda' twist--click it, click it now! Oh, and don't leave me or the other blogger any uptight twaddle, if you opted to click it anyways!

And of course, some music to relax by... if any or all of these topics have you much too wound up to even finish surfing--make a final stop by Bud Buckley's for some musical insights and some R&R!

If you deem yourself worthy, or hell, even unworthy and have something kickass to share with my wonderfully loyal 13 readers, feel free to say HEY YOU, WTF! And I’ll update to include you…be sure to leave your attention-grabbing line of “get yer’ bootay over here and read me” with it! (Ok, really substitute that with your own version!)

PS Instant replay: if you haven’t responded to my research survey, I impress upon you the importance of my education, my new future career, my reputation as the teacher’s techno-pet….what ARE you waiting for? :)

[ research: b.c./a.d. vs. c.e./b.c.e.]


scrawled by BTude a.k.a. GlassHoppah @ Tuesday, March 01, 2005

15 bitches:

@ 01 March, 2005 01:56, Blogger Bud eloquently stated...

Thanks, B'tude! I appreciate the props, the link and the mention. I'm having the best time reading your stuff and the other bloggers you've turned me on to. I'll be in touch with many of them. Might be a little slow for a while. Deadline is kicking my ass. But that's a good thing.


@ 01 March, 2005 02:39, Blogger marjo moore eloquently stated...

thanks from me, too! yikes, that's one scary t-shirt on mithras. i'd like to see andy try & pimp those :P

continued luck with the survey. looks good so far!

my paper's technically not done yet, though it's as good as finished. goin' marshall mcluhan on western europe. it's a risk, but the prof seems to like me.

duluth is lovely this time of year, so i've heard ;P


@ 01 March, 2005 04:26, Blogger Jade eloquently stated...

Ha ha ha! No uptight twaddleness coming from here! Love the pussy licking! As for that t-shirt...I think I dated that guy once.....
Thanks for the laughs!


@ 01 March, 2005 05:48, Blogger Wench eloquently stated...

Yes, yes. I'm a bad person. ;)


Oh Marjo, that should make for some interesting banter-(Marshall Mcluhan)! OK, I was only joking about Duluth, but the photo of the highschool was awesome! And if anyone could pimp that tee--it would have to be Andy. He's got it down, lol.

Bud! A big sweeping curtsey to ya! What did you think about that thar Naked Yoga? lol

Priss, Jade, muahahah I swear i giggled for 10 minutes afterwards... Jade, don't say you dated someone like that guy--you'll scare me! lol :)


@ 01 March, 2005 10:08, Blogger golfwidow eloquently stated...

Whoa, thanks for the pimpitation. I'm glad you liked the pussylicking. (That should be good for dragging in a few more websurfers.)


@ 01 March, 2005 10:57, Blogger D Brooks eloquently stated...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


@ 01 March, 2005 11:24, Anonymous scorpy eloquently stated...

No need to link me, just wanted to leave my "hiya, howdy, and hello" for you!


@ 01 March, 2005 12:23, Blogger Janet eloquently stated...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I wanted to do the same here, but I feel like I just walked in on a private joke as this entry is full of references I simply don't get cause I'm out of the loop.:(


@ 01 March, 2005 14:52, Blogger Andy Land eloquently stated...

Oh, I could have worked all those things into a blog post, but why? Our Miss Bitch did such a perfect job of it already. ;)

That high school is even longer and larger than tha one pic I posted. ENORMOUS. I just snapped a cool shot of the middle of the thing.

I liked that t-shirt. Reminded me of this girl I used to date, Jade...


@ 01 March, 2005 22:01, Blogger Becky eloquently stated...

I second what DB said. You must be having one interesting night!
But, thanks for the link:)


@ 02 March, 2005 08:12, Blogger Josh eloquently stated...

really nice blog. funny..interesting..etc.
keep blogging good stuff :)
check mine out sometime too :) :)


Hey hey now, I just put the links together, you all did the real work ;)

Janet, right back atcha--stop by again and get comfy, I don't think anyone really bites, but silliness does abound!

Andy, I don't even wanna ask!

Thanks for dropping in Josh--will do!

Becky, uhhuh--didn't I just pose that question to you? ;) lol You can't blame it all on me for simply tying it together...there is no escape ma'am ;)


@ 02 March, 2005 09:50, Blogger Wench eloquently stated...

I bite! :P


Ok, I lied, Priss confesses--anyone else? ;)


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