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12 March 2005

shameless plugz: 03.12.2005

Pimpin’ You, Pimpin’ Me…

For those of you I’ve already thanked, Mahalo again, and my gratitude to Suzanne @ Contemblogging, Cara @ To Whom it May Concern, and their most helpful readers this morning who showed up in the name of research, to cut yet another slice out of the “ta’ go” total! Golf Widow @ Ministry of Silly Walks brings the weekend to a delightful close, with another successful bump to the tallied responses... this brings us into the home stretch!

Sex, drugs, disabilities, and discrimination--oops, right statute… wrong post (or is it?!?) D. Brooks @ Corporate Crap brings us laughing back to the bank with a follow up on bullying in the workplace—this is a must read—are you a victim? What are the signs? What can you do about it? Interested in the possibility of a book with detailed victim accounts? Let DB know you’d love to hear the gory details while you’re there!

While Becky @ April Fool was twisting our necks in the last version of shameless plugz, but I must shamelessly pimp her out in this edition, too! She unleashed a great new look, with fresh blogskin in red, white and black! Let her know how much you like it, love it, adore it, and ok, worship it, too! great new blogskin! Of course, I’m biased, and honestly only minutely glory hounding… I designed her new logo! (There’s no way to get around that—go visit her! lol) Hey, we all gotta’ work it occasionally, otherwise it gets rusty! Remember that—it’s multipurpose!!!

Viva Las Vegas for Jade @ Jaded Sunburns who is getting married today! Leave her your well wishes and check out the rest of her blog... Oh yes, and let Priss @ House of Crap know how much she rawks for Jade's great skin!

Will corporate whoredom proffer some mercy on the souls of independent and up and coming musicians—hell no, I say and there’s definitely no penance, so sayeth Bud Buckley.

We all enjoy music in form or another—so, support your local musicians and the venues they play!

Speaking of musicians and chocoholics, I received a research response from another musician, who incidentally has a great sense of humor--Lafe Dutton. I requested his permission to share it wit’ y’all because I got a hearty giggle out of it! Here it is:

1. B.C. = Butterscotch Chocolate and A.D. = Almost Dead from lack of chocolate.
2. C.E. = Chocolate Eclairs and B.C.E. = Better Chocolate Eclairs
3. B.C.E. because you can mark the dates on the calendar with a chocolate fingerprint.
4. Hedonist.
5. Absolutely! I revere chocolate!
6. The only happiness in War is when the soldiers hand out chocolate. This must mean something.

War Cry Girl @ A Cure For Boredom also put in her two cents on the research, so I had to pay the piper--she was the 80th response! Drop by and say hey, and to EVERYONE else listed here! And don't forget to check out her skin--it's an awesome graphic, and she also some fabulous links to follow... I'm doing the same as soon as I quit laughing my fool ass off about "horking hairballs, the size of grapefruits..." You'll just have to read it yerselves, though!

If you deem yourself worthy, or hell, even unworthy and have something kickass to share with my wonderfully loyal 13.25 readers, feel free to say HEY YOU, WTF! And I’ll update to include you…be sure to leave your attention-grabbing line of “get yer’ bootay over here and read me” with it! (Ok, really substitute that with your own version!)

Regurgitated Research: if you haven’t responded to my research survey, I impress upon you the importance of my education, my new future career, and my reputation as the teacher’s techno-pet… What ARE you waiting for? :) 31 down, 69 to go! 94 down, 6 ta' go!

[ research: bc/ad vs. ce/bce]


scrawled by BTude a.k.a. GlassHoppah @ Saturday, March 12, 2005

3 bitches:

@ 14 March, 2005 06:18, Blogger Kim eloquently stated...

ugh! only 17 to go?? Good luck! I hope it goes quickly. This is worse than waiting for Santa to come, lol, I can't wait to hear the results of your research...


@ 14 March, 2005 11:29, Blogger Becky eloquently stated...

Thanks for the extra whoring, Bitch. Your logo looks fab on my site!


9 ta' go, Kim! It's been a very interesting mix of results--but there is a huge majority in the results.

You betcha Becky, lol.


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